Tether Pow

Tether Pow (USDW) is a fully-backed decentralized stablecoin developed and launched by the CakeWSwap team, with the aim of becoming a stablecoin that meets liquidity needs in DeFi. Since all reserves are stored entirely in cash and currency equivalents, customer funds are always redeemable 1:1.
Assets maintained in custody would be released to their rightful owners even if the custodial trust went bankrupt with completely separated bankruptcy-remote accounts. USDW offers a wide range of widely used use cases. Discover USDW's widespread popularity and use this blockchain-based payment solution anytime, anywhere.
USDW is promised to become a bridge to help circulate cash flow between features and products in CakeWSwap and expand further to other DeFi segments in the future.

Use Case

Based on the price stability, stablecoin plays an important role in transactions, payments and settlement, and DeFi.
Here are some of the USDW use cases:
Transfer your digital dollars (USDW) anywhere in minutes, with low cost and on the blockchain. Trade USDW on different exchanges and DEX. Deposit USDW to earn an interest rate. Pay USDW as payment for goods and services. Use USDW as collateral and loan assets. Use USDW as cross collateral in Futures. Store USDW on an exchange or in a wallet.


The beauty of USDW is the access it provides to a huge number of DApps, services, and ecosystems. USDW offers holders a low-volatility, on-chain asset and is made to maintain a constant market value. When closing positions, this feature reduces the time and effort needed to leave the cryptocurrency space.
In order to maintain a peg, market forces must keep a price consistent notwithstanding choppy conditions. Always have solid assets that are unlikely to lose value behind a fiat-backed stablecoin. Pegged fiat currency is a good option among all potential reserve assets. The CAKEW ecosystem's liquidity is accessed using USDW. For recently listed tokens, this is extremely helpful. You may quickly trade and invest in fresh opportunities by having USDW in your possession.
HODLing stablecoins is a thing. But why not put them to work and profit from CAKEW's increased APY? Depending on your risk tolerance, you can access a variety of APYs by staking your USDW. Anyone owning USDW has a straightforward opportunity to generate 200%–1000% APY via farming. The items allow you to earn more stablecoins while you sleep and are simple to enter using CAKEW.
It makes sense that USDW can be utilized in liquidity providing since it is a stablecoin with a lot of liquidity. In the CAKEW ecosystem, USDW is one of the most frequently used tokens in liquidity pairs. USDW is a solid choice whether you choose to provide liquidity on a DEX or through CAKEW.

How can you buy USDW?

You can buy USDW from exchanges, for the latest list of exchanges and trading pairs for this cryptocurrency, click on our market pairs tab ( Follow the CakeWSwap to check the latest list of CEXs and DEXs for USDW pairs.